What is it?

IntelliStamp is a patented technology that allows organizations and governments to protect electronic documents by adding a digital or hybrid stamp. An IntelliStamp looks like a barcode that is placed on an electronic document.

The barcode contains (a part of) the contents of the document and other data to be able to guarantee the authenticity. If the document is printed, the IntelliStamp shall also appear on the paper. This allows verification of both the digital document as the paper printout. Citizens can choose whether they want to work electronically or that they would rather print it out and work with the paper version.

As a result, documents no longer need to be printed, signed (wet signature) and stamped by the sender, but it is the choice of the receiver to print the document while the authentication is guaranteed. And for governments and companies, this means a great reduction in time and costs.

How does it work?

IntelliStamp provides a textual reference in the stamp to an online archive, so users can verify the document on the verification website.

IntelliStamp can contain a textual reference to the archived document. This reference is generated by IntelliStamp and is a unique identifier to the stamped document in the archive, which looks like the following: 6z3zav-xhr3yz-csxw22-qj.  By providing this reference in the verification website, users can retrieve the original version of the document from the archive and visually verify if it matches the document they have in front of them.

The authentication allows to verify the following information:

  • The protected data on the document
  • Who created and signed the document
  • The exact time when the document was signed
  • The authority that guarantees the identity of the signer

In addition, IntelliStamp can also help to show the visual differences between the original document and the scanned paper document.

Fully automated process

Signing with IntelliStamp can be a fully automated process that occurs automatically under control of an application. For example by using the portal of a city or as part of a back office process of an organization. The application automatically provides the content and location of the stamp on the document, as well as the certificate to use for signing and a password if needed. The stamped document is returned by IntelliStamp to the application that performs the delivery.

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