From invoicing to Policy Management Cycle (BBC) policy and budgeting, Policy Management Cycle accounting and cash management: the Cipal Schaubroeck packages drive your organisation.

1. Invoicing

Our general invoicing package plays a central role in your financial organisation. General invoicing includes: recording supplies of goods and services; invoicing by customer, article group and time; and automatic due date calculations. This package automates payment monitoring based on automatic collections using coda files and grouped or individual reminders. Invoices can be printed out using individual corporate identities. Integration with programs you need every day creates synergy, bringing many benefits. These programs might include your accounting program, fire safety application, reservation program, childcare software, ticketing program and others.

2. Policy Management Cycle: Policy and Budgeting

Implementing a sound policy is only possible if you formulate the necessary objectives. To reach these objectives, action plans and activities/actions need to be drawn up. The implementation of these action plans and activities/actions will be linked to the income and expenditure required. The package enables you to draw up the entire policy and simultaneously link it to the budget estimates or budget changes. It is a total package for policy planning that immediately shows the financial implications. Integration with the accounting package enables you to use the data from Policy and Budgeting in accounting.

3. Policy Management Cycle: Accounting

This piece of financial software, developed in accordance with the Municipal Decree (gemeentedecreet), enables you to implement correct accounting processes from all budgetary and financial transactions derived from the strategic long-term plan and the budget. The strategic long-term plan and the budget, which are built upon objectives and action plans, form the basis for accounting records. This means that valuable policy evaluations can be made during the financial year and after its closure. A number of new concepts from the Municipal Decree are: Objective, Action Plan, Budget Holder, Policy Domain, Policy Field, and Investment Project. Run through the income cycle from outgoing invoice to definitive payment, and the expenditure cycle from order request to open debt. Create payment orders and do various and financial bookings. Furthermore, you can automatically read in the amortisation tables of loans from files sent by financial institutions.

4. Policy Management Cycle: Cash Management

This is a powerful, professional software application enabling you to control your cash closely. You define an unlimited number of items, using item groups where appropriate. Directly input item details or copy them from the invoicing program. Accurately track sold articles in your stock, and directly input customer details or copy them from the invoicing software. Cash Management works with scanners, touch screens, tills, receipt printers and much more. In Cash Management you can have access to limited stock management. The stock of your items can be updated for each storage space, and can be tested against the till sales as an extra monitoring tool.

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