Care and welfare

There are probably not many organisations with more varied activities than a Public Centre for Social Welfare (OCMW): from family care, cleaning services, help lines for people with limited mobility and assistance for the elderly, to budget management, childcare and financial aid.

Cipal Schaubroeck can help you with a suitable software solution for better file management for your social service.

Files can be created and monitored from the central back office. Furthermore, all of the files available through the OCMWs’ CBSS streams can be accessed. It is compulsory to enter requests for the provision of specific services (e.g. income support, heating benefit) in a register. Apart from the compulsory registers, you can decide for yourself what records you want to keep. Every request for help can then be entered in the designated register, so a number of documents can immediately be delivered (proof of receipt, proof of registration, etc.).

Furthermore, our solution provides a user-friendly helpdesk function for OCMWs to record clients’ over-the-counter transactions. If required, any transaction can be referred through to a social worker active in the relevant area, who will then deal with it.

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