CSsign, secure and digital signatures

CSsign provides integrated and legally valid digital signatures for all your documents. Using Cipal Schaubroeck’s unique Intellistamp® technology means that your digital documents also remain legally valid after printing. A unique QR code in each document enables verification of both the authenticity and content of the document.

Digital Signature

As an administrative simplification measure, the written signature is being replaced with a digital version. With CSsign you place an electronic or hybrid signature on any document, without limits in terms of number, using either your eID or a server certificate.

CSsign works in an integrated manner

CSsign can be extensively integrated with existing applications for decision-making, minute-taking, the policy management cycle, land use, etc. The documents are sent, fully automatically, from the relevant packages to CSsign, where the authorised person can sign. Signed documents are then sent back. Each step can be supported by an e-mail notification.

The benefits of CSsign

  • Simple: optimisation of the workflow through integration with existing applications: decision-making, P the policy management cycle, etc.
  • Secure: encrypt the digital signature by using an advanced or qualified signature (eID), mydigipass
  • • Implementation: quick implementation on SaaS platform
  • • Scalable: you decide how quickly you want to introduce digital signatures in your organisation
  • • Global: complies with EU standards
  • • Auditing: it is always possible to see who has signed a document, and when
  • • User-friendly: high level of practical usability e.g. the option to sign in bulk
  • • Electronic archive: all signed documents are saved in the IntelliStampCenter
  • • Out of Office: automatic signature replacement when out of office

More info

Contact us via cssign@cipalschaubroeck.be

Download the the CSsign info brochure here

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